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  2017 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Principals message, new school phone number, PBL Naplan online trial for Years 3 and 5, Update on Kindergarten play equipment, new shade clothes, gates at St Pauls, canteen news, library news, musica viva, outbreak of influenza. office news, sponsors


  2017 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome back to Term 3, Principals message, PBS4L, Qkr app for Canteen and Uniform shop, Fathers Day celebrations and stall, Woolworths Earn & Learn, Canteen News, 60th Anniversary wine glasses, Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day, Gates at St Pauls, After school activities

  2017 Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Principals message, PBS4L, Half yearly reports and parent/teacher interviews, school expectations regarding haircuts, partial absences, absences, Walkathon launch, new Qkr for canteen and uniform shop, Pre school enrolments, musica viva, captivate, Feast of Sacred Heart, Parish news, after school activities

  2017 Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

Principals message, Father's Day liturgy and committee, P&F meeting. BYOD, Half Yearly reports, Parent/Teacher interviews, St VIncent de Paul Winter Warrior Appeal, Canteen helpers needed, school fees, Musica Viva Concert, Parish and Sacramental news

  2017 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Principals Message, Kindergarten enrolments for 2018 now closed and interviewing, Kiss n Ride, Late students, First Holy Communions, After school activities, Parish Picnic, changes to school transport, update on government funding, Fundraising, Library news, Parish and Sacramental news

  2017 Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter

Principals Message, Kindergarten enrolments 2018 closing Friday 26th May, Mother's Day raffle and celebrations, Reading with children, Funding update from the Government, Sacrament of Holy Communion, Feast of OLQP 60yr anniversary, extra curricular offered at OLQP, Pre school Fundraiser, School Banking,

  2017 Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter

Principals message, Parish mass and picnic, NAPLAN, 60th Anniversary whole school photo, Mothers Day Liturgy, Mr Aggars Pilgrimage, Winter Uniform, Hills bus travel advice

  2017 Term 1 Week 11 Newsletter

Principals message, Pupil free day Monday 24th April, ANZAC day liturgy, Kindy Enrolments for 2018, extra curricula activities after school in Term 2, canteen news, uniform shop trading hours

  2017 Term 1 Week 9 Newsletter

Principals Message, Cross country cancelled for this Friday, Whole school photo rescheduled, Pupil free day, P&F meeting Tuesday night, Peer Review, World Book resources, fundraising, canteen news, uniform shop school holiday trading hours, Parenting Ideas, OLMC Fete

  2017 Term 1 Week 7 Newsletter

Principals message. OLQP turns 60, Catholic Schools Week, Kindergarten enrolments 2018 now open, school attendance, parent interest groups, Mothers day stall, sports news, school fees

  2017 Term 1 Week 5 Newsletter

Principals message, Kindergarten enrolment 2018, sports news, 60th Year anniversary for OLQP, afternoon dismissal, Open day, Vision Valley Camp

  2017 Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter

Welcome back to 2017, Principal's message, dates to remember for 2017, MAI testing, pick up and drop off procedures, library news. canteen news, rugby league and after school soccer program

  2016 Term 4 Week 10 Newsletter

Principals message, Grant from local government, Mrs Greenwell's farewell, Pursuit of excellence award, St Vinnies Hamper donation, nursing home visitors concert

  2016 Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter

Principals message, Showcase, Walkathon cheque, Gymnastics presentation, OLQP Christmas concert, canteen News, finalising school fees, library news

  2016 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

Principals message, swimming carnival, thank you to parent helpers for banking, OLQP Showcase, Library News, Christmas Concert,Craft Market, Sponsors

  2016 Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal' message- All Saints and Souls Days,Year 6 Vision Valley camp, Kinder Orientation Day for 2017, New Assistant Principal announced, Band News, Library News, P&F News, Craft Market 26th November

  2016 Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter

Principals message, Walkathon winners, Creative Arts Expo, Parent information meetings for Maths, 201 7 commencement dates, teacher update, sports news, parish news.

  2016 Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Principals message, walkathon, Maths workshop, Stage 3 soccer gala day, Mackillop championships, uniform shop trading hours, open days.

  2016 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Principals message, parking concerns, Way of the Cross Celebrations, The Royal Commission into institutional responses of child abuse, P&F news, Canteen news, Sports news, St Anthony's School Fair

  2016 Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Voice of Youth, Kindy and Year 4 Excursions, Cumberland Council library visit, Netball Gala Day, Walkathon update, Penrith Eisteddfod, importance of school attendance, St Anthony's Spring Fair

  2016 Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Principals message, WYD2016, Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross Mackillop, Fostering Resilience and Independence in our Children at our P&F Meeting, Feast of the Assumption on Monday 15th August, Zone Athletics Carnival, Literacy and Numeracy sessions

  Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's message, Mrs Robertson back, Bishop saying Mass this Sunday at OLQP, Pupil Free Day next Friday 5th August, morning supervision, Skoolbag app update, literacy/numeracy week, canteen news Greystanes Activity centre, World Youth Day news

  Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter 2016

Principal's message, Mrs Robertson back, Bishop saying Mass this Sunday at OLQP, Pupil Free Day next Friday 5th August, morning supervision, Skoolbag app update, literacy/numeracy week, canteen news Greystanes Activity centre, World Youth Day news

  Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter 2016

Principal's message, Mr Hopley on leave all of Term 2, New Bishop visiting OLQP Parish, Staff Development Day, Captivate, trading hours for uniform shop, OLQP Preschool enrolments

  2016 Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal's message, Reports, Kindergarten 2017, P&F News, OLQP Bulldogs social night

  2016 Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's message, Parent Participation Program, Parish Council Meeting, Reports, P & F meeting information session about Writing with Mrs Garzaniti.

  2016 Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's message, P& F meeting, update on Kiss n Ride, Parent information evening, Volunteers for school banking, Business Directory, new legislation requirements for volunteers, Canteen news

  2016 Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's message, Winter uniform, Kindergarten 2017 interviews, NAPLAN, playground update, P&F information night, Leave, Mother's Day mass and stall and OLQP Bulldogs and Thunderbirds Disco

  2016 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal's message, P & F news, assessment data, 2016 survey results, Canteen news

  2016 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal's message, Catholic Schools Week, Afternoon Dismissal, Year 6 t shirts, Cross country, Crunch and Sip, Teachers in classrooms, Holy Week, Premier's reading challenge, School Survey

  2016 Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal's message, Kindergarten 2017 enrolment now open, new P & F committee announced, Children's mass, Update on YMCA after school care, Catholic Schools Week programme

  2016 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's message,School Opening Mass, P & F meeting, playground update, withdrawal of YMCA, Kindergarten enrolment 2017, school fees, choir news, canteen news, library news

  2016 Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome back to 2016, Principal's message, School opening mass, playground update, Safety around schools, Canteen News, P & F Meeting.

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 11 2015

Teachers for 2016, Principal overview for 2015, Canteen news, Uniform shop news.

  P and F Meeting Minutes Tuesday 1st December 2015

Playground news and issues, AGM results, Michael's Report, Treasurer Report, President Report.

  Newsletter T4 W8 2015

Pilgrimage, uniform shop, opal card & canteen

  Term 4 Week 4

Principal's message, Mr Hopley on leave, NAPLAN discussion, importance of safety on social media, canteen news, P & F news- ladies night, photography fundraiser

  P and F Meeting Minutes Tuesday 20th October 2015

Naplan Trend data, QCS Data and feedback from survey results, fundraising photos, shopping night, Women's spirituality night, OLQP craft markets. Next P & F AGM meeting 1st December at 7.30pm.

  Newsletter Week 2 Term 4 2015

Walkathon news and winners, World Youth Day 2016, playground upgrade update, P & F meeting, Seven Bridges Walk, Parish News, Canteen News, Ladies Shopping Night

  Newsletter Week 10 Term 3 2015

Walkathon, School Uniform Shop, Library News, Canteen News, Delany Cup, Confirmation

  Newsletter Week 8 Term 3 2015

Walkathon, Voice of Youth, Debating, Playground and Classroom Improvements, Playground Games, Confirmation, School Uniform Shop, Bookwork News

  Newsletter Week 4 Term 3 2015

Pupil free day 11th September, Walkathon 18th September, P & F meeting about Healthy Living, Canteen News

  Newsletter Week 6 Term 3 2015

Pupil free day,Naplan news, walkathon, Junior and Infant choirs, Mufti day, canteen news, parking near driveways

  Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 2015

Confirmation, Prayers for Father Paul, Canteen news, Pupil Free day, Woolworths earn and learn, P & F news, and road safety.

  P & F Meeting Minutes Tuesday 21st July 2015

QCS Survey, Walkathon, Parent Information Evening, Woolworths Earn & Learn

  Newsletter Week 10 Term 2

Kindergarten enrolments, Pupil free day, staff changes, State of Origin Donut money, Donation, Sacred Heart mass, Confirmation, School Zone reminder, Pre-school enrolments.

  Newsletter Week 8 Term 2

Kindergarten enrolments, silly sock day, parent teacher interviews, P & F meeting with Constable Hatton, Sacred Heart Mass, Athletics Carnival, Pupil Free Day, School Fees, First Holy Communion

  P & F Walkathon Meeting Minutes 25 May 2015

Minutes from the Walkathon meeting which was held in the conference room on Monday 25th May.

  Newsletter Week 6 Term 2

Kinder enrolments, Pentecost, First Holy Communion, Pupil-Free Day, P&F Meeting

  Newsletter Week 4 Term 2

Kindy Enrolments, NAPLAN, Car park and netball/basketball courts, Kiss and Ride and staff news

  2015 Term 2 Week 2

Boys Education speaker, School Photos, Mothers Day, SkoolBag App, School Fees Term 2

  T1 W8

Kinder 2016 Open day, Catholic Schools' Week, P&F, Vanuatu T-Shirt Drive, Easter, State Election

  P and F Meeting Minutes 10 March 2015

Fete and Parent Survey

  T1 W6

Catholic Schools Week, P&F Meeting, Enrolments, School Fees, Website links

  2015 Term 1 Week 4

Child Protection, Enrolment, Skoolbag App, Lifelong Learning, Morning Drop off, Playground Manners, $40 000 cheque form Mr Tony Issa MP, RE News, Sports Mass

  2014 Term 4 Week 9

2015 Student School Leaders announced, Talent Showcase update, Diocesan Sports Council Awards, Grade assemblies, summer reading challenge, Yr 4 news, uniform shop trading hours, canteen update

  2014 Term 4 Week 7

Soft-Fall Opening, Staff Update for 2015, New P&F Committee members for 2015, Cyberbullying, Talent Showcase update, Msg from Fr. Paul

  2014 Term 4 Week 5

Soft-fall grass area Grand Opening, two teacher announcements, Mum's shopping night, Primary Disco, Mufti Day, Diocesan Sports Trials info, Canteen End of Year info, AGM Wed 12 November at 7:30pm.

  2014 Term 4 Week 3

2014 Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter

  2014 Term 4 Week 1

2014 Term 1 Week 10

  2014 Term 3 Week 9

School Fete, Soft fall area donations, Voice of Youth Comp,

  2014 Term 3 Week 7

SDD, Voice of Youth finals, Canberra excursion, Farewell mass for Fr.Bob, Special Mass for Mary's feast, School Fete Sat 13 September, Choir Eisteddfod results

  2014 Term 3 Week 5

Cumberland Zone Athletics Carnival results, Voice of Youth results, Special Mass times, School Fete Info, SDD, Nanzan Japanese Students visit, Fete Helpers needed, Clothes, books and toy drop off and Basket Mufti Day.

  2014 Term 3 Week 3

Confirmation dates, Fr. Bob leaving OLQP, School Fete Info, New FACES Administration System, School Pick Procedures, Canberra Excursion details, Bookshop Day, Canteen Menu,

  2014 Term 3 Week 1

Wenty Leagues Club $30,000 donation!!! Canteen Pricing Update, Japanese Student visitors, Dismissal procedures

  2014 Term 2 Week 9

Naidoc Week, Captivate Showcases, Literacy tips, SDD day.

  2014 Term 2 Week 5

First Holy Communion Dates, YMCA Before & After School Care Open's, Sports results, Year 6 & Year 2 News

  2014 Term 2 Week 3

Staff Development Day, Cross Country Finalists

  2014 Term 2 Week 1

Term 2, Easter, Staff Development Day, Winter Uniform, NAPLAN, Mothers Day Stall, Infants Disco, MINDQUEST Enrichment Weekend, Musica Viva, World Book eBook Subscription

  2014 Term 1 Week 10

week 10 newsletter

  2014 Term 1 Week 8

Principal's message P&F News Canteen Roster Office News Sports News

  2014 Term 1 Week 6

Principal Message, Canteen, Office News, P & F & Sports Updates

  2014 Term 1 Week 4

In this issue: Principals message, RE News, a special note of thanks, sports news, open days for high schools, canteen news, birthday buckets & Parish News