Sport and PDHPE

We offer students a wide variety of sporting opportunities to challenge themselves and build their confidence.

Personal development, Health and Physical Education is in keeping with the Catholic ideals of education of the whole person. Thoughts, sensations, emotions and physical activities all have an influence on each other and on the individual’s growth towards personal maturity. Catholic education aims to mould these elements into a harmonious unity, in the light of human understanding and faith - Most Reverend P.L. Murphy DD, Chairman, Catholic Education Commission, NSW

This program supports the development of the student as a whole person by:


encouraging an understanding and valuing of self and others



promoting physical activity and



emphasising informed decision-making leading to effective and responsible actions.

The study of PDHPE is concerned with:

  • Growth and Development
    physical, social, cognitive and emotional

  • Personal Health Choices
    making, communicating and acting upon health decisions

  • Interpersonal Relationships
    forming and maintaining positive relationships
  • Safe Living
    living and learning in a safe, secure environment

  • Active Lifestyle
    knowing how to enhance personal and community health and wellbeing

  • Games and Sports, Dance & Gymnastics
    the composition, performance and appraisal of movement.

All students are involved in weekly sport and/or physical education lessons, with a specialist Physical Education teacher employed four days a week. Students in Kinder, Years 1, 3 and 5 also participate in dance lessons run by DanceFever, while students in Years 2, 4 and 6 take part in a specialist gymnastics program run by Flexi-Kids.

In addition to this, students have the opportunity to be selected, trained and entered into many competitions across the school, Zone, Diocesan, inter-Diocesan and Stage level in swimming, athletics, cross-country, soccer, netball, etc.

Selecting Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary will give your child the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially in partnership with Catholic education.

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