Other Programs

Our Lady Queen of Peace Enrichment programs provide opportunities for children with academic and creative talent to enjoy a challenging and enriching education both within the class and through withdrawal groups, interest clubs and competitions.

We also have a range of learning programs including the following.

Literacy Support

Literacy support is an effective early intervention program, designed to assist those children experiencing difficulty in reading. It is a “second chance” program available to children from Kindergarten to Year 3.

In addition to their classroom program, eligible children are given teaching in small groups. The aim is to help children to “catch up” with the other children in the classroom.

Our Literacy Support program is supported by two teachers, and it has proved a very successful way of helping children who are having difficulty getting started with reading and writing.

Special Education

At Our Lady Queen of Peace the Special Education program is staffed by two Special Education teachers and a teacher assistant.

The Special Education program caters for students who have a physical, sensory, intellectual, emotional or learning disability. The aim of the program is to provide effective education support for these children by:

  • Appropriately assessing children
  • Implementing programs and providing resources to meet the needs of individual children
  • Working in collaboration with classroom teachers in developing effective strategies to meet the needs of students within the program
  • Liaising with Principal, parents, Catholic Education Office personnel and outside agencies to effectively meet the needs of these students

Special Needs Programs

A Special Needs Committee has been established at the school to assist children, parents and teachers. Its permanent members include:

  • The principal
  • The assistant principal
  • 'Reading Recovery' teacher/s
  • Special Education staff
  • Language Support staff

Other members of the school community may be invited to attend and participate in these meetings when a matter pertinent to them is being discussed. The committee caters for:

  • Early intervention
  • Students with learning difficulties
  • Early achievers and advanced learners
  • Gender issues
  • Students with disabilities
  • Non-English speaking background students
  • Socio-economically deprived students
  • Repeated behaviour management concerns
  • Students at risk

Language Support

Language Support is a program which provides English language support to children whose first, or 'home' language, is not English. Oral and written language support groups operate within the regular classroom program. This assistance is provided by an English as a Second Language teacher. The program is flexible as it is designed to give assistance where it is most needed.


Our Lady Queen of Peace is committed to providing all students with appropriate educational experiences in partnership with parents. All teachers differentiate the curriculum to cater for students' individual needs.

An Enrichment program aims to provide increased opportunities for children with academic and creative talent to enjoy a challenging and enriching education. The emphasis is on the development of higher-level thinking skills (critical, creative and evaluative thinking and problem solving), both within the class, and in withdrawal groups; through interest clubs; extra-curricula activities and through competitions.

New Arrival Program

The Commonwealth Government, through the Catholic Education Office Parramatta, funds an intensive English program for any child with a non-English speaking background who has entered Australia recently. The students range from Kindergarten to Year 6 and to be eligible, must have been in Australia for 6 months or less. (Kindergarten children are eligible for up to 18 months).

Transition Programs

Kindergarten Orientation

Designed to assist preschool students entering Kindergarten, there are two orientation sessions in the year prior to starting school. Students take part in a mixture of whole, and small group, activities.

Year 6 Students entering high School

Our Lady Queen of Peace supports all high school open days. Teachers from the school meet with teachers from secondary schools to discuss students individual needs.


A specialist music teacher is employed three days a week. Each student (K – 4) has the opportunity to participate in the music program which complements activities completed in class. Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in music lessons within their classroom programs.

Students in Years 3 to 6 have the opportunity each year to audition for the school choir, which performs at many events including Education Week and eisteddfods.

A school band was established by Musicorp Australia in 1997 for those children in Years 3 to 6 who are interested. A fee is charged each term to cover the cost of tuition and instrument hire. Further details are available from the school office.

Gymnastics and Dance Program

Students at OLQP currently take part in both the Flexi Kids Gymnastics Program and the Dance Fever dance program.  Both programs are designed to ensure all students meet the require outcomes for dance and gymnastics in the PDHPE syllabus.

The Dance Fever company also runs an external showcase whereby many participating schools can compete together in the Dance Fever Concert. 


Regular assemblies are held at OLQP to give information, celebrate achievements and share events and learning.  Assemblies include a Whole School Assembly held every Monday morning and Module Assemblies which are held once each term for every year group.  Notes are sent home with students to inform parents of when the Module Assemblies will be held.

Catholic School Week, Education Week and Book Week

OLQP celebrates both Catholic Schools Week and Education Week/Book Week. Book Week is usually celebrated with the Scholastic Book Fair.

Social Skills

All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in a social skills program during Term 1.


Selecting Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary will give your child the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially in partnership with Catholic education.

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