Human Society & Its Environment

Human Society and Its Environment incorporates the strands of History and Geography.

In History students will investigate the actions, motives and lifestyles of people over time, from individuals and family members, to local communities, national and world contexts. The curriculum also introduces the idea that History contains many stories and that there is never only one uncontested version. Students learn to critically analyse and interpret sources of evidence in order to construct reasoned explanations and a result and informed argument based on evidence, drawn from remains of the past.

The study of Geography emphasises the role, function and importance of the environment in supporting human life from local to global scales. It emphasises the importance of Interrelationships between people and environments and the different understandings of these relationships. Students apply inquiry skills including asking distinctively geographical questions, planning an inquiry and evaluating information, processing, analysing and interpreting that information, reaching conclusions based on evidence and logical reasoning, evaluating and communicating their findings and reflecting on their inquiry and responding, through action, to what they have learned. They will use tools such as mapping and spatial technologies.

Human Society and Its Environment also includes the study of languages other than English. At OLQP we currently offer a program in Japanese language and culture in Years 5 and 6, together with an enrichment class for students displaying strength in this area.

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