Where is Jet written by Aidan Mulligan

Where is Jet

Have you ever heard of a pluto Alien  in space ?

Did you know there  is a whole city of pluto Aliens ? Only one Alien named Jet was sad and worried to fly .Sometimes he tried to fly. All the time he had grumpy fever. His parents had grumpy fever too. A mysterious sound woke Jet up. He was being sucked into a wormhole to a different dimension. Jet lost his grip and fell into the wormhole. He found himself in another beautiful dimension.  He looked up and saw the wormhole closing.

The wormhole complete closed and Jet had to get the far side of the forest in 24 hours. He travelled long and far and he found something that he had never seen before. Jet saw some weird looking food but he ate it anyway. He moved off and he found a giant volcano. Jet didn’t have hands. He was going to try for the 180°. He spun and spun until he lifted off and then his jets came on. He floated on the top of the volcano and saw the wormhole closing.

Jet jumped and just got in. He never had grumpy fever again.

By Aidan Mulligan 3R