Year 3 Excursion to the Australian Museum

3KR/3DR Excursion to the Australian Museum

Aust Museum pic 5

Australian Museum pic 2

On Monday 3KR and 3DR went on their excursion to the Australian Museum. The bus left at 8:15 am we were all so excited. When we got there we had recess at Hyde Park. Finally it was time to head to the Australian Museum. First we put our bags in a trolley then a staff member called Rene told us the rules.

We split up into our groups, and walked to the first gallery, which was an animal gallery called Wild Planet. We saw lots of different animals like giraffes and insects. Next we saw the mineral gallery. It was all about different stones that came out of the Earth. We saw lots of other galleries filled with dinosaurs and Aboriginal culture.

Before lunch we went to a kids section where we met Rene again. She told us more about Aboriginals. Then we got to paint our own boomerangs (while the parents had coffee).

While we waited for the boomerangs to dry we ate lunch inside because it was raining. When the bus arrived we had to rush in so we didn’t get wet. It was a long drive home but we got to school on time.

We had a great time!!  

Written by Hannah M and Gwen P (3KR)

Australian Museum pic 6
Yr 3 Australian Museum