Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day

The Stage 3 Boys Soccer Team

On Tuesday July 25th, OLQP had two boys teams represent our school at the Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day at Jamison Rd Park, Penrith. Over the course of the day, the teams took part in a number of matches with points being awarded for each game based on the results. Every player from OLQP gave it their all in the positions they played, thus enabling great passes and crosses that resulted in opposing teams being put under pressure and the boys having numerous shots at goals. It is a testament to the boys’ skills and teamwork that, whilst there was some tough competition from teams who won many of their other games by large margins, both teams worked their opposition hard to ensure that no other team scored highly against them. 

The boys are to be congratulated for not only their excellent soccer skills but the way in which they demonstrated teamwork and sportsmanship, which ensured that they did themselves, their parents and their school proud.

Mrs Jiggins and I would like to thank the boys for their fantastic efforts on the day, as well as all the parents for their support in enabling their children to attend training before school, organising for their children to get to the Gala Day and being fantastic supporters of their children on the day. It is exciting for the boys to have such a supportive fan base on the day.

Well done boys!

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