DEBATING COMPETITION 2015                           

On Thursday, 3 September, the OLQP Debating team from Year 5 travelled to Delany College for the Delaney Cup semi-final against Holy Trinity. The members of the team are Julia Kable (5D), Sophia Santos (5W), Victoria Carr (5D) and Claudia Turano (5D - timekeeper).  Our girls demonstrated great debating skills to win the debate.  They will now be competing against St Margaret Mary’s in the Grand Final on Thursday, 10 September,  at 10:30 am.  

This was the first time students from Our Lady Queen of Peace participated in any form of debating, so making it so far in the Delaney Cup has made both our teachers and our peers extremely proud of us. We would love to see you all at Delany College Library for our debate against the team from St Margaret Mary’s next week. 

Our team has taken part in 4 debates this year.  The next, the Grand Final, will be the fifth debate we have competed in.  In the first debate the team consisted of Julia Kable, Sophia Santos and Angelina Bainou; these girls competed against the team from St Margaret Marys.  The second debate was against St Patrick’s  and consisted of Julia Kable, Sophia Santos and Victoria Carr.  The next two debates were against Holy Family and Holy Trinity, with our team being made up of the same members.   Altogether the teams won three out of four debates.

So what is debating?  Debating is basically an argument about a particular topic - there is an Affirmative team (who must agree with the point of view presented) and a Negative team (who must argue against the point of view presented).   Each team is made up of three speakers and one time keeper.  Each of the members has a very important and specific role that they take seriously.  Debating can enable you to express your feelings.  Also, we know from our experience that we have made some new friends with the St Margaret Mary’s girls. We are very grateful to have been given this opportunity. 

The Schools in the Delany Cup Debating Competition :

  • St Magaret Mary’s 
  • St Patrick’s
  • Holy Family
  • Holy Trinity
  • St Oliver’s
  • OLQP

Debating is a nerve-racking experience for each debaters every time they have to get up to speak.  Each school we have versed has presented well and each speaker has demonstrated good sportsmanship.  After each speaker has finished the team has a ritual where they go up to the opposing team and shake hands while the adjudicators discuss the result of the debate.  Then the adjudicator announces the result of the debate.  After that we congratulate the opposing team, regardless of whether we won or lost.  

The timekeepers have also enjoyed their special role of being part of the debating competition and representing their school. 

Rules of timekeeping.  The timekeeper:

  • Times each speaker from both negative and affirmative teams
  • Has a bell which is rung at one minute and again at a total of three minutes 
  • Has a pen and paper to write down the total time

We would especially like to thank Mrs Dwyer for being our mentor and teaching us the skills of debating. We would also like to thank Mr Hopley and Mrs Garzaniti for entering us in the 2015 Delany Cup for debating.  We also want to warmly thank Delany College for welcoming us into their school and for the adjudicators who gave us interesting tips and shared their knowledge of debating.  We would also kindly like to thank Mrs Daniels and Miss Anthony for encouraging us and holding the competition at their wonderful school.

From the Year 5 students,

Julia Kable, Sophia Santos, Victoria Carr and Claudia Turano :D   :0  :)