Book Week - 4C

In Term 3, Year 4’s HSIE topic is One Nation Many Cultures.  We have been learning that Australia is a multicultural country and that the Aboriginal people, and people from many other cultures who came to live here, have all made Australia the country it is today. 

In class, we have been reading My Place by Nadia Wheatley and other texts that help us understand different cultures.  During Book Week (in Week 8), Year 4 decided to share the diverse cultures that make up our grade by dressing up in traditional cultural dress or the colours of the flag that represents our cultural background.

After recess, we went down to Area A with Year 3 to show our cultural dress.  We enjoyed seeing Year 3 in their Early Australian Settlement outfits.  As each class in Year 4 walked around, we had some students reading out some interesting and entertaining facts about various cultures from around the world. 


Lots of parents came to see our parade and then came to our classrooms to see some of the work we have been doing in class.  Year 4 worked on a cultural writing task with the parents and also showed our Religious Literacy Projects.  We liked having the chance to share what our projects were about. 

We had an awesome time with everyone.  It was wonderful to see everyone’s smiles, laughs and cultural dress.