Australasian Primary Schools' Mathematics Olympiad

Maths Olympiad

This year, OLQP participated in an extra Maths Program called Maths Olympiad. 30 000 students throughout Australia were participating in the challenge.
We really enjoyed the challenging maths questions we were given. All the children chosen were from Years 3 - 6. We trained for several weeks to prepare for the challenges ahead.

There were 5 different tests which included 5 challenging questions in each test. 
Our two highest scorers achieved 16 out of 25. A big accomplishment!

Written by Jai Foley and Ana Borovic

Congratulations to all the students who challenged themselves and were part of this Olympiad Team. A special congratulations to the following 5 students - 

*  Jai Foley and Vincent Lee who both scored in the Top 20%
*  Anthony Kanbour who scored in the Top 40%
*  Ray-Anthony Khattar and Coraly Anwen Penano who scored in the Top 50%
There will be a special presentation for the team in the coming weeks.

Written by Mrs Melinda Parker